QUIES Model Black Leatherette Recliners


Quies is where warmth and peacefulness revolve in harmony.

Designed under the blue print of flawlessness, this astonishing recliner has the charm to soothe you the moment you sink back in its comforts.

Ergonomically designed, the complete lumbar support of Quies holds you with its feather-soft flappable and adjustable back deep cushioning.

Making it distinctive is its 360 degree rotation function that adds amusement to the comfort and provide infinite number of seating configurations. Take a break from the chaos and simply recline in it to unwind in peace.

QUIES Model Black Leatherette Recliner is a truly comfortable recliner to take a peaceful rest after your hectic work.

Take an interesting book to read in comfort with this recliners on week ends and holidays.

If you are inclined to watch television on your leisure time, this is the best option to relax and enjoy the free time.

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