Rotatable Side Table


Distinctive Design Embrace the allure of an exceptional blend of Moroccan Walnut and Sonomo Oak with this exquisite rotatable side table. The fusion of these two decors gives birth to an incredible aesthetic, characterized by its warm tones and textured patterns. The design is a nod to the rich Moroccan heritage and the simplistic elegance of Sonomo Oak, creating a visually striking piece that’s sure to captivate and enhance any room.

Optimum Dimensions Measuring at 450mm in width and depth, and standing tall at 525mm in height, our side table has been carefully sized to balance spatial economy and functional utility. It’s compact enough to fit into tight corners or next to your favourite reading chair, yet spacious enough to accommodate your essential items. The dimensions make it a perfect companion for your cozy reading nooks or lounge areas.

Superior Material Crafted from high-quality European standard engineered wood, this table offers more than just visual appeal. Engineered wood combines the aesthetics of natural wood with the consistency and strength of advanced manufacturing techniques. What you get is a robust, resilient piece of furniture that’s built to last, delivering reliability along with its resplendent design.

Efficient Assembly Leave the heavy lifting to us. Our table requires professional carpenter assembly to ensure it’s correctly and securely constructed. Our experts will take care of the assembly process, leaving you with nothing but anticipation of the beautiful addition about to grace your space.

Innovative Storage Designed with an intuitive understanding of consumer needs, this side table features smaller shelves on one side and a larger space on the other. The smaller shelves are perfect for storing your current reads, coasters, or remote controls, while the larger compartment can hold a decorative plant, table lamp, or anything that suits your style. It’s a storage solution as diverse as your needs.

Freedom to Move Adding to the functionality, this side table is equipped with sturdy castors. The flexibility to relocate your table without scratching your floors is now at your fingertips. Whether it’s about redecorating or making room for a party, you can easily roll this table to wherever it’s needed.

Generous Load Capacity With a maximum load of 5kg on the shelves, this side table is not just about appearances. It’s sturdy and capable of holding your table lamp, a stack of books, or your cup of coffee securely.

In a nutshell, our Rotatable Side Table is a perfect blend of function and design. It’s a furniture piece that understands your needs and meets them with elegance. It’s more than just a side table; it’s a statement of style, quality, and versatility. It’s not just furniture, it’s a lifestyle choice.