Royal 6 Seater Dining Set DT24-With-DC12-Lion-Legs


Meet Your Dream Dining Set: Royal Six Seater Dining Set DT24-With-DC12-Lion-Legs

Why Just Eat When You Can Dine in Style?

Hey, get ready to elevate your dining experience to a royal level. Introducing our Royal Six Seater Dining Table Set with Lion Legs— a unique blend of elegance and durability, created to complement your lavish lifestyle.

The Making of the Masterpiece

First off, let’s talk materials. Our artisans have chosen the best of the best to make sure this dining set not only looks good but stands the test of time. For the table, we’re talking Solid Beech Wood and Commercial Plywood, all decked out in veneers on both sides. Now, for the chairs, it’s that same top-notch Solid Beech Wood, combined with Commercial Plywood and 32 Density U-FOAM to give your back the comfort it deserves.

All About the Finish

We’ve wrapped this baby in a luxurious Walnut Stain, ebony, and teak wood finish. Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary, right? This finish adds that subtle touch of elegance that makes the Royal Six Seater a visual feast for the eyes.

Intricate Details You Can’t Ignore

This isn’t just a dining table; it’s a work of art. The table comes with an intricate inlay design that you’d only expect to see in a palace. And let’s not forget those Lion Legs on both the table and chairs; they’re not just a design feature, they’re a statement.

Size Matters

And when it comes to size, we’ve got you covered. The table spans 1830 x 1030 x 780 ht MM, making it spacious enough for all kinds of dishes, from a Thanksgiving turkey to a simple, intimate dinner. The chairs? Sized at 470 x 500 x 900 ht MM, they’re perfect for cozying up and making dinner time more than just a meal.

Ready to Roll

Let’s talk delivery. Your Royal Six Seater table will arrive in a ‘Knockdown’ condition, which means a little bit of assembly is required but don’t worry, it’s easier than putting together a jigsaw puzzle. As for the chairs, they come pre-assembled, all ready to take their rightful place in your dining area.

What’s in the Box?

One Royal Six Seater Dining Table and six dining chairs. Yep, a complete set to kickstart your regal dining journey. And it’s all coming in at a weight of 60.00 KG, so you know this is sturdy stuff.

So there you have it, the Royal Six Seater Dining Table Set with Lion Legs. The perfect combo of style, durability, and luxury, designed to make every meal an occasion. Why settle for less when you can dine like royalty?