Sofa DUCA 3+2 Seater


Introducing the Sofa DUCA 3+2 Artificial Leather Sofa
Experience the perfect blend of luxury and comfort with our exclusive DUCA 3+2 Artificial Leather Upholstered Sofa. This exceptional piece of furniture is designed to elevate your living space while providing an unparalleled seating experience.

Customizable for Your Style
Can I customize the sofa with different materials?

Absolutely! The DUCA 3+2 sofa can be customized in any fabric, artificial leather, or genuine leather to suit your preferences and match your home décor.

Extensive Range of Fabric Options
What are the fabric options available for customization?

We offer an extensive range of fabric options for you to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect match for your home. Our collection includes a variety of colors, textures, and patterns to cater to every style and taste.

Adjustable Head Rests for Ultimate Comfort
Do the sofas come with adjustable head rests?

Yes, our DUCA 3+2 sofa is designed with adjustable head rests to provide maximum comfort and support for your neck and head. The flexibility of the head rests allows you to customise your seating experience according to your needs.

L-Shaped Stainless Steel Legs for Modern Appeal
What type of legs does the DUCA 3+2 sofa have?

The sofa features L-shaped stainless steel legs, which add a touch of modern elegance to the design. These sturdy legs ensure stability and durability, while also being easy to clean and maintain.

Dimensions Designed for Comfort
What are the dimensions of the DUCA 3+2 sofa?

The sofa has been meticulously designed to provide optimal comfort and support. The dimensions are as follows:

Total height: 38 inches
Seat height: 16 inches
Total depth: 36 inches
Seat depth: 22 inches
Armrest height: 24 inches

01 seater: 44″
02 seater: 68″
2.5 seater: 86″
03 seater: 92″
01 PRO seater: 46″
02 PRO seater: 72″
01 PRO seater: 98″

With its unique combination of style, customisation options, and comfort features, the DUCA 3+2 Artificial Leather Upholstered Sofa is the perfect addition to any living space. Order yours today and transform your home with this luxurious and versatile seating solution.


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