Springfit Prive Mattress Autograph Collection


Introducing the Springfit Autograph Collection Prive Mattress, an epitome of luxury and comfort. This mattress, available in two sizes – 17.78cm/7in and 22.86cm/9in, combines high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology to deliver an outstanding sleeping experience.

High GSM Melange Fabric

The Autograph Prive Mattress features a high GSM Melange fabric – a mid-loft, soft knit, breathable fabric crafted from durable spun yarns. This innovative design delivers a plush, soft feel, while also actively wicking moisture away from your body as you sleep, maintaining an optimal level of comfort throughout the night.

Aero Sleep Memory Foam

Endorsed by NASA, our Aero Sleep Memory Foam is expertly designed to distribute body weight evenly, improving blood circulation and offering an unmatched level of comfort. The low bounce back properties and high-density foam reduce pressure points, dramatically decrease tossing and turning, and ensure a peaceful, comfortable sleep.

HR Comfort Foam

Offering another layer of plush comfort is the HR Comfort Foam. Like the high GSM Melange fabric, this soft knit breathable fabric boasts an innovative design with durable spun yarns, making for an ultra-soft, plush feel. It too helps draw away moisture during sleep, enhancing your overall comfort.

High Resilient Convoluted Foam

To ensure excellent weight distribution, we use High-Grade Convoluted Foam. This distinctive foam boosts mattress breathability and increases its softness. By enabling correct spinal alignment and pressure relief, it significantly enhances your sleep experience.

Natural Latex

The mattress incorporates Natural Latex, a resilient material produced from biodegradable resources. It provides adequate support to sleepers without placing excess pressure on hips and shoulders, contouring just enough to support proper alignment. This feature makes latex a healthy, safe material to sleep on.

Reactive Foam

Our Reactive foam is designed based on a unique stress-repairing concept. It rebonds shredded pieces of high-grade foams into a single, solid piece. This process results in a dense layer that offers a firm support base, ensuring optimal distribution of body weight and adequate spinal support.

Organic Anti Skid Fabric

To complete this package of comfort, the Springfit Autograph Prive includes an organic anti-skid fabric. This feature minimizes mattress movement, while its high breathability helps in reducing moisture trapped inside the mattress.

Transform your nights into a luxurious slumber experience with the Springfit Autograph Collection Prive Mattress – the symbol of indulgence.


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