Topz Colour Pattern-EL Maroon with EL Ash Grey Beanbag


Introducing the Topz Colour Pattern-EL Maroon with EL Ash Grey Beanbag: the perfect fusion of style, comfort, and convenience. Here’s why this beanbag stands out from the rest:

Handy & Compact:

Crafted with convenience in mind, this beanbag is incredibly easy to move around and fits snugly into any corner of your home. Its compact design makes it ideal for cozy spaces without compromising on comfort.

Light in Weight:

Say goodbye to heavy, cumbersome furniture! The Topz Colour Pattern-EL Maroon with EL Ash Grey Beanbag is delightfully lightweight, allowing you to effortlessly rearrange your living space whenever the mood strikes.


Accidents happen, but with this beanbag, cleaning up is a breeze. Its washable fabric ensures that spills and stains are nothing to worry about, keeping your beanbag looking fresh and vibrant for years to come.

Size Options:

Choose from a range of sizes to suit your needs, whether you prefer a spacious JUMBO or a more compact XXL. With options like XL and XXXL available, there’s a size for everyone in the family.

Quality Assurance:

Rest easy with our warranty options, ranging from 1 month to a full year. We stand by the quality of our product, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind with every purchase.

Versatile Options:

Customize your beanbag experience with the choice of beans or without. Whether you prefer the classic bean-filled feel or a more structured support, we’ve got you covered.

Topz Colour Pattern:

Elevate your space with the distinctive Topz colour pattern, blending rich EL Maroon with sophisticated EL Ash Grey hues. It’s a stylish addition to any room, adding a touch of modern flair to your decor.

Available exclusively at Lakshmis Home Style, visit our Coimbatore main showroom or Koundampalayam branch to experience the ultimate in comfort and style with the Topz Colour Pattern-EL Maroon with EL Ash Grey Beanbag.