Two Door Solid Wood Crockery Unit With Glass – DG09


Display unit measurement: 850 x 425 x 1840 Ht MM.

Hello Folks, Show Off Your Stuff in Style!

So, you’ve got this awesome crockery or maybe some sweet collectibles, right? Why keep them stashed away when you can flaunt ’em? Meet the Two Door Solid Wood Crockery Unit with Glass –  DG09. This bad boy is crafted from Solid Beech Wood, Commercial Plywood with One Side Veneer, MDF with Veneer, and Glass. Yeah, we’re talking quality stuff here.

Pick Your Vibe: Walnut, Ebony, or Teak

Okay, let’s get into the good stuff—the finishes. You got choices! Whether you’re into the rich depth of Walnut Stain, the dark allure of Ebony, or the natural warmth of Teak Wood, we’ve got you covered. Your home, your rules, your style—pick what sings to you.

What’s Inside? More Than You Think!

Look, it ain’t just a pretty face; it’s got space too. We’re talking 2 shutters to stash away your ‘secret’ stuff (you know, like that emergency chocolate stash), 3 glass shelves to display your proudest pieces, and 2 drawers for, well, whatever you need drawers for! Your stuff is gonna look so good, it’s basically a home makeover in a single unit.

The Deets: Size, Type & Delivery

Before you ask, “Will it fit?”—let’s talk size. This display unit measures up at 850 x 425 x 1840 Ht MM. So yeah, it’s big enough to make an impression but won’t eat up your entire room. And the cherry on top? It comes assembled. Just pick a spot, set it up, and start showing off your stuff.

So go ahead, give your things the home they truly deserve while upping the cool factor in your space.