Springfit Club Class Natura Mattress


Luxurious Club Class Natura Mattress: The Key to Restful Nights

Dive into a world of exceptional comfort and superior sleep with the Club Class Natura Mattress. This unique mattress, available in different sizes – 15.25cm/6 in, 20.32cm/8 in, 25.4cm/10 in, is designed to provide you with a sleep experience like no other.

High GSM Knitted Fabric

Our Club Class Natura Mattress is ensconced in high GSM knitted fabric, designed with a soft texture and optimal air permeability. This choice of fabric ensures excellent comfort and durability. With superior moisture-wicking ability, it keeps your sleep environment fresh and dry.

Gelled Polyfill for Comfort and Coolness

The mattress features a gelled polyfill layer, engineered to perfection to ensure a moisture-free, air-cool sleep. This soft cushioning material offers optimum comfort, enhancing your sleep quality every night.

HR Comfort Foam for Ample Body Support

The mattress is incorporated with Springfit’s High Resilient (HR) Comfort Foam. Created using Aero Sleep technology, this layer promotes ample airflow and provides adequate comfort to your body. With a softer feel, the HR Comfort Foam helps your body relax better for a restful sleep.

Max Latex Foam for Temperature Regulation

With our Max Latex Foam, enjoy the benefit of pressure-relieving comfort, irrespective of the seasons. This layer keeps you warm during winter and cool during summers. Known for its durability, the Max Latex Foam is designed to provide ultimate comfort, promoting a luxurious sleeping experience.

Advanced Carbon Manganese Pocketed Springs

Experience the benefits of Springfit’s Advanced Carbon Manganese Pocketed Springs. These coils are stress-relieved and strengthened to ensure a comfortable sleeping experience. The independent suspension coil units are heat-treated under controlled conditions for better resistance and durability, promising long-lasting comfort.

HR Support Foam for Optimal Support

We’ve equipped the Club Class Natura Mattress with Springfit’s High Resilient Foam. With Aero Sleep technology, it facilitates ample airflow while providing optimum support to your body, ensuring you wake up rejuvenated every morning.

High GSM Knitted Fabric for Long-Lasting Comfort

Wrapped in high GSM knitted fabric, our mattress ensures a soft, comfortable sleep environment. The fabric offers excellent air permeability and moisture-wicking ability, guaranteeing a comfortable sleep experience that lasts longer.

Unveil the secret to a peaceful night’s sleep with the Club Class Natura Mattress. Its superior design and exquisite comfort layers make it an unparalleled choice for those in search of the ultimate sleep experience.



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