Astoria Marble Top Dining Set


Meet Your Dream Dining Set: Astoria Marble Top Dining Set with Mikeli Walnut Chairs

Hey there! Ever wanted to dine like royalty but also keep that casual, at-home vibe? Let’s get you introduced to this swoon-worthy dining set that merges elegance with functionality. Trust us, it’s not just a dining table and chairs; it’s an experience.

Table That Talks – Astoria Mica 1500WL + ARTMBL 30 MM 6*3.5

First things first, let’s chat about the table. This masterpiece features a majestic marble top, giving your dining space an instant facelift. With dimensions of 72 inches in length and 42 inches in breadth, it offers ample room for you and your guests. It stands tall at a comfortable 30 inches, making it just the right height for all your meals, work, and anything in between. Plus, it’s got that two-tone color scheme that just pops, elevating the look of any room it graces.

Comfy Seats – Mikeli Walnut DC BM Chairs

Now, what’s a table without some stellar chairs? And we’ve got you covered with Mikeli Walnut DC BM Chairs. With dimensions that offer a cozy fit—21 inches in length, 20 inches in breadth, and a total height of 34 inches—these chairs are the epitome of comfort. You even get a seat height of 18 inches, which is the sweet spot for most people. Oh, and the upholstery? Ultra-luxe suede fabric. Comfy and chic—what more could you ask for?

Built to Last

Let’s talk about durability. With a 5-year warranty specifically for wood cracks, you know you’re investing in a set that’s meant to last. Both the table and chairs are crafted from rubberwood, known for its robustness and resilience. So yeah, go ahead, this set can definitely handle your high-spirited dinner debates or your kids’ spaghetti mishaps.

Aesthetics on Point

Here’s the fun part. This dining set comes in a dual-color tone, blending effortlessly with your existing decor while also making a subtle statement. Plus, the marble top is not just for show; it’s also easy to clean. Spilled some red wine? No worries. A quick wipe and it’s as good as new.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Astoria Marble Top Dining Set with Mikeli Walnut Chairs is your ticket to a dining experience that’s nothing short of luxurious yet totally laid-back. It’s not just furniture; it’s a lifestyle choice. So why wait? Elevate your dining game and make this set yours today!

Tables and Chairs Can Be Sold Separately.