Kansas King Size Bed With Half Lift


Experience the Luxury with Kansas King Size Bed With Half Lift

Step into the world of indulgence with our Kansas King Size Bed with Half Lift. Its unique blend of Boston acacia and Sonomo oak décor seamlessly amplifies your room’s style quotient while promising a lavish layout to rest on. The dimensions? 1895 (Width) x 2200 (Depth) x 1106 (Height). That’s a king-sized comfort space!

European Quality at Its Finest

The bed’s robust frame is crafted with top-notch European standard Engineered wood. Reliable, sturdy, and made to last, it perfectly encapsulates the timeless combination of durability and style. Crafted with high strength clamps and state-of-the-art joinery techniques, this bed frame is creak-free and here to stick around for a long time.

Built to Withstand, Crafted to Comfort

Strength? That’s a non-negotiable for us. Capable of handling up to 360 kg of load, this bed is your fortress of solitude. Whether it’s an impromptu sleepover, late-night heart-to-heart talks, or a calming cup of tea, this bed can handle it all!

Revolutionize Storage with the Hydraulic Half Lift

Oh, the convenience of a hydraulic half lift! This bed offers a generous storage space, made easy-to-access with the addition of a hydraulic lift. Stash your extra blankets, linens, and pillows, or keep your secret stash of midnight snacks – it’s your call!

Choosing Your Perfect Mattress

The Kansas King Size Bed accommodates a mattress of 78″ x 72″ size and fits mattresses between 4″ & 6″ thickness (mattress not included). The power to choose the right mattress for your comfort is completely in your hands.

Check-out the world class mattresses suitable for this bed below!


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