Solid Beechwood Dining Set DT 31


Get Cozy with the DT 31: The Dining Set That Speaks Style

Hey, you! Yes, you—the one scrolling through endless dining sets online. Hold up a sec. You’re gonna want to check out our Solid Beechwood Dining Set DT 31. Trust me; this is the kind of dining set that makes you want to throw more dinner parties. Why? Let me spill the beans—or should I say, pass the breadsticks?

Material Matters: Rock-Solid Quality

First up, let’s chat about what this dining set is made of. The table? We’re talking solid beech wood combined with particle PLY and a double-sided laminate finish. Translation? You’re getting a table that’s not only sturdy but also easy on the eyes. As for the chairs, we’ve used the same top-notch beech wood and added MDF PLY. Because when you go for quality, why settle?

Finish It Off: Looks That Kill

Now, let’s gab about the finish. Ever heard of Ebony Stain? If not, picture a deep, rich tone that’s gonna take your dining room from “meh” to “magnificent.” Oh, and we get it, not everyone’s an ebony fan. So, we’ve also got walnut and teak finishes up for grabs. Pick your fave and let the compliments roll in.

Key Features: Functionality Meets Aesthetics

This dining set is no one-trick pony. Sure, it looks fab, but it’s got the features to back it up. You’ve got a six-seater table, so go ahead and invite the crew over for dinner. Plus, the laminate top means cleaning up is a breeze—just a wipe and you’re good to go! The chairs? They’re built with MDF PLY, which adds that extra layer of durability and comfort.

The Deets: What’s in the Box

Ready to make it yours? Here’s what you’ll get: One fantastic dining table and six equally awesome chairs. And don’t sweat the small stuff—the table comes in knockdown condition, making it a cinch to assemble. The chairs? They’re pre-assembled. Just slide them into place, and you’re all set for that dinner soirée you’ve been dreaming of.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this Solid Beechwood Dining Set DT 31 and make your dining room the envy of the neighborhood. Cheers!


Size : Table 1500 X 900 X 790 ht MM
Chair 420 X 460 X 830 ht MM

Weight ( KG ) : 70.55