Springfit ProActiv Plus Mattress


Introducing the ProActiv Plus Mattress: A Fusion of Comfort and Support
Experience the ProActiv Plus Mattress, your perfect companion for a restful night. We provide two distinctive thickness levels—the 5 in/12.7 cm Slim and the 6 in/15.24 cm Standard—so you can choose the one that complements your preferred aesthetic.

Luxurious High GSM Knitted Fabric
Our ProActiv Plus Mattress is meticulously wrapped in high GSM knitted fabric. This soft textured fabric ensures superior air permeability, perfect for providing exceptional comfort and longer-lasting use. Additionally, it possesses an excellent moisture-wicking ability to maintain a fresh and clean sleeping environment.

HR Comfort Foam: The Art of Relaxation
The ProActiv Plus features Springfit High Resilient Comfort Foam, made using our groundbreaking Aero Sleep technology. This foam fosters generous airflow and offers adequate comfort to your body. It has a softer feel that encourages your body to relax and rejuvenate.

Exceptional HR Support Foam
Our mattress is equipped with High-Grade Convoluted Foam that significantly improves weight distribution. This special foam promotes mattress breathability and elevates its softness, resulting in a better sleep experience by ensuring spinal alignment and providing pressure relief.

Luxurious Comfort with HR Convoluted Foam
Experience the comfort of High-Grade Convoluted Foam, designed to heighten the luxury of your sleep. This unique foam facilitates breathability and heat dispersion while improving weight distribution. This may also aid in reducing the discomfort and healing of bedsores, ensuring that your sleep is both soothing and therapeutic.

Reactive Foam: The Essence of Support
Our Reactive foam embodies a stress-repairing concept by re-bonding shredded pieces of high-grade foams into one solid piece. This process enhances its density, providing a solid and firm base support. This exceptional density assures ample spinal support and optimal body weight distribution.

Turkish Thermo Bonded Felt
Incorporating Turkish Felt into our mattress design adds an extra layer of firmness and support. This felt is crafted through matting, condensing, and pressing fibres together, adding an element of reinforced support to your mattress.

Organic Anti Skid Fabric: Stability and Breathability
The ProActiv Plus Mattress features an organic anti-skid fabric, minimizing mattress movement for a stable and sound sleep. This fabric not only enhances stability but also exhibits high breathability, effectively reducing moisture trapped inside the mattress for a dry, comfortable sleep environment.