Stylish 6 Seater Beechwood Dining Table Set DT13-With-DC22


Meet Your Next Dining Experience: The Stylish 6 Seater Beechwood Dining Table Set DT13-With-DC22

Material Matters

Okay, let’s get down to business. You’re not just getting any dining set; you’re investing in a piece that’s made to last. The table in this ensemble is built from solid beechwood, and it doesn’t end there. To add that extra touch of sophistication, it also features plywood with both side veneer and a stylish glass top. Now, what about the chairs, you ask? Well, they’re not just pretty faces; they’re made from solid beechwood and plywood as well. And let’s not forget the 32-density U-FOAM, making your seat as comfy as it is eye-catching.

A Feast for the Eyes

This dining set comes with a glass-top table and chairs boasting cushioned seats and backs. Imagine how stylish your dinner parties will be, surrounded by the luxe details of this 6-seater ensemble. What’s more, you get to choose from three available finishes: Ebony, Walnut, and Teak. So, you can match it with your existing décor or make it the centerpiece of your dining room transformation.

Delivery & Assembly

No worries about a complicated assembly here. The table comes in a “knockdown” condition, making it easy for you to set it up at your convenience. The chairs? Oh, they’re pre-assembled. Just unbox, place them around your new table, and you’re good to go.

Let’s Talk Specs

  • Quantity: This package deal comes with 1 dining table and 6 dining chairs.
  • Weight: The total weight for the table and chairs is a sturdy 58.55 KG.

In Conclusion

The Stylish 6 Seater Beechwood Dining Table Set DT13-With-DC22 isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s for those who value not just form, but function. With its versatile finishes and durable materials, this set is built to be more than just a pretty face. So, go ahead and make your dining room the epitome of elegance and comfort.