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Nova Model Bedroom Set


Nova Model Bedroom Set: Your Room’s Ultimate Upgrade

Hey there, folks! Fancy sprucing up your bedroom? Let’s dive into this super chill Nova Model Bedroom set that’s more than just furniture—it’s a whole vibe!

Nova Queen Size Cot: Where Dreams Find Comfort

Man, this ain’t just a bed! Stretch out and chillax on this stylish queen-sized cot, perfectly sized for a 78×60 mattress. The headboard? A whopping 111 inches that rolls with 2 side tables. Sweet dreams guaranteed.

Nova Dresser: Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Got a penchant for glam? This dresser’s got you covered. The Nova Dresser comes with a mirror that’s as clear as day, plus some rad lights to make sure you’re always in the spotlight. With a length of 48 inches, breadth of 22 inches, and standing tall at 79 inches, there’s ample space to stash away all your treasures.

Nova 4 Door Wardrobe: Store More, Stress Less

Last, but definitely not least, the Nova 4 Door Wardrobe. It’s so spacious it could almost double as a room. Seriously though, standing at a lofty 79 inches with a length of 75 inches and breadth of 22 inches, it’s got more than enough room for your ever-expanding wardrobe. Rock those outfits every day and keep them organized in this bad boy.

In a Nutshell: The Nova Model Bedroom set is the real deal for anyone looking to give their sleeping quarters a stylish, laid-back makeover. Don’t just dress to impress; live in style too! Catch you on the cozy side!

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